Technologies on Display

Zone A - Telemedicine and Biomedical Applications
A1 Cuffless Blood Pressure Devices for Home Care and Telemedicine
A2 Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction Using FPGA
A3 E-Learning Platform for Traditional Chinese Medicine
A4 Virtual Acupuncture
A5 Virtual Anatomy

Zone B - Internet Applications
B1 Interactive Internet Robots
B2 XVIP: The XML-based Video Information Processing System
B3 A Server-less Video Streaming System
B4 Hong Kong IP Multicast Initiative
B5 Web Caching and Internet Content Adaptation Protocol
B6 Hong Kong Traditional Architectural Information System

Zone C - Intelligent Automation
C1 Smart Dampers for Vibration Isolation
C2 e-Monitoring and Intelligent Diagnosis of Plastic Injection Moulding Machines
C3 Diagnosis of Sheet Metal Stamping Processes Based on Thermal Imaging and Finite Element Analysis

Zone D - Photonics and Semiconductor Nano Technology
D1 Photonic Packaging
D2 Photonic Sensors Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance Effect
D3 Nanotechnology and Nanostructured Materials for Electronics and Photonics
D4 Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOAs) for Optical Networking

Zone E - Financial and Commercial Applications
E1 News Sensitive Stock Trend Prediction
E2 Knowledge Management System for Chinese Text
E3 CIDAX - Corporate Information Digital Archives in XML
E4 Financial Data Mining
E5 Discrete Optimization Solver

Zone F - IC and Embedded Systems
F1 Chinese Speech Recognition IC
F2 Low Power Asynchronous Java Processor for Contactless Smart Card
F3 Embedded Linux System

Zone G - Man Machine Interface and Multimedia Technologies
G1 Micro Input Devices System
G2 Innovative Applications of Spoken Language Technologies
G3 Automatic Face Recognition
G4 Multilingual Virtual Performer