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E3 - CIDAX V Corporate Information Digital Archives in XML

Developed by the Chinese NewsML Community, CIDAX is a NewsML-compliant content management system consisting of various tools for handling multimedia and multi-lingual information packages.

Chinese NewsML Community was established in January 2002 through the support of the Innovation and Technology Fund and local industrial sponsors. We aim at promoting the adoption of the NewsML international standard and developing compliant software tools for the news media and publishing industry in Hong Kong.

NewsML, a XML-based data format, provides a standard framework to describe, package, store, and deliver news articles. It enables journalists and publishers to combine text, graphics, photos, video and audio, and deliver the multimedia news package to a wide range of devices including website servers, computer terminals, mobile phones, and personal digital assistants.


  • Combines text, graphics, photos, video and audio into a news package
  • Adds subject reference and meta-content including keywords, name entities, locations and organizations, to unambiguously indicate and identify the content
  • Delivers selected news packages to different devices in different formats
  • Shares documents and news packages among members in a workgroup


  • Easily and efficiently manage multi-lingual and multimedia content using NewsML
  • An easily operated Entry Tool lets user enjoy the benefit and efficiency of NewsML without the need to learn the specified structure of NewsML
  • Web-based application allows user access from any platform of computer
  • Provide user friendly interface to user
  • Support world recognized industrial standards


Principal Investigator
Prof. Kam Fai Wong
Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management