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B6 - Hong Kong Traditional Architectural Information System (HKTAIS)

HKTAIS intends to construct a large XML database to store Chinese traditional architectural information, such as temples and villages. As architectural structure of temples and villages varies one from the other, it is ineffective to use RDBMS to store those information. In this system, we apply the advantages of native XML database and design XML schemas to formulate such structural information.


  • Chinese traditional architects information system - It is a web-based production system which will be placed at Antiquities and Monument Department, the Government of HKSAR for public access. It provides a set of tools to model, create, store and retrieve Chinese traditional architects information.


  • The first system in Hong Kong to model Chinese traditional architects in XML data structure
  • The system can handle up to 1000 data input fields
  • The system can handle large amount of image data. In the extreme case, a record can have about 150 image files
  • The schema is designed in general to handle architects with different scales and structures
  • Multilingual is supported. In current stage, Chinese and English are supported
  • With the use of XML technology, the system exports part of its functions as Web Services, which provide clients from different platforms to retrieve information from the system database and manipulate in their desired ways

Principal Investigators
Prof. Ho Puay Peng
Architectural Department
Prof. Chris Yang / Prof. Kam Fai Wong
Systems Engineering & Engineering Management Department