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A3 - E-Learning Platform for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Centre for Innovation and Technology collaborates with School of Continuing Studies, School of Chinese Medicine, Institute of Chinese Medicine on the project of ¡§E-Learning Platform for Traditional Chinese Medicine¡¨.

We have developed an e-learning platform for the Online Course Series of Chinese Medicine offered by School of Continuing Studies. Currently, six courses have been launched including ¡§Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostics¡¨, ¡§Chinese Pharmacy¡¨, ¡§Traditional Chinese Medicine Formulae¡¨, ¡§Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine¡¨, ¡§Fundamentals of Western Medicine¡¨, and ¡§Hong Kong Health Care System and Chinese Medicine Regulations¡¨ and the number of enrolled students was over 200.


  • Provide an online learning environment with rich multimedia course content, video clips of tutorials and references
  • Enhance the interactivity between teachers and students with the use of interactive assessment test and discussion forum
  • Provide flexibility for students to access and learn anytime anywhere


  • Rich multimedia content
  • Animated user interface
  • Interactive quiz
  • Reference dictionary
  • Discussion forum


Principal Investigator
Prof. K. F. Wong
Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management