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E2 - Knowledge Management System for Chinese Text

This project aims at developing advanced knowledge management technology for handling large-scale unstructured information such as news and text-based documents. A fundamental layer in knowledge management is to categorize unstructured information into a taxonomy of classes or concepts. We focus on cutting-edge research on automatic categorization of Chinese text. Machine learning and text mining techniques are employed for designing the intelligent categorization models. Intensive human effort can be greatly reduced even the demand of high-quality categorization performance increases. Funded by Wisers Information Limited and ITF (HKSAR Government), we have successfully applied our technology and developed a knowledge management package which can automate and improve the quality of service and operation efficiency and widen the business scope of Wisers.


  • Automatic text categorization
  • Automatic news filtering
  • Intelligent text management
  • Customization of text document delivery


  • First large-scale automatic Chinese text document categorization
  • Tailor-made user-specified class taxonomy
  • Hierarchical taxonomy and categorization
  • Extensible to multilingual text, e.g. Chinese and English
  • Advanced machine learning and intelligent text mining techniques

Principal Investigator
Prof. Wai Lam
Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management