Technologies on Display

D1 - Photonic Packaging

The Photonic Packaging Laboratory (PPL) was established in 2001 through the support of Innovation and Technology Fund and local industries. It aims to develop advanced packaging technologies and processes for photonic components. The main site is a class 1,000 clean room located in LG1, Science Center North, CUHK. It has the most state-of-the art research equipment including optical coating system, laser welding system, automatic alignment system, wafer scriber, die bonder, wire bonder etc. The missions of PPL are to support R & D in photonic industry and academics, to provide technical training, and technology transfer on packaging process for photonic devices

Examples of technologies that we have developed and devices that we have packaged include:

  • Antireflection (AR) /High reflection (HR) dielectric coatings
  • Optical detectors and laser diodes with fiber pigtailing
  • Semiconductor optical amplifier module

Ongoing projects

  • MEMS optical switches module
  • Multi-component packaging development


  • R&D facilities available to local industry through contract services or joint projects
  • Prototype development
  • Manpower training on photonic packaging processes


Principal Investigators
Prof. Hon Tsang / Chester Shu
Department of Electronic Engineering

Projector Co-ordinator
Prof. Frank Tong
Department of Information Engineering

Optical Coating System

Multi-layer thin film coatings have several functions: AR, UV and IR cut, or other optical effects.
Applications can be found in watches, camera lens, ball lens, display and etc.

Laser Welding System

Active alignment technique using Laser Welding System can be applied to package different types of photonic devices. TO-can and butterfly (BTF) packages are common configurations for laser diode (LD), photodiode (PD) and semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA).