Technologies on Display

F1 - Chinese Speech Recognition IC

The main objective of this project is to develop a low-cost Cantonese and Putonghua speaker independent speech recognition ICs using an advanced statistical speech model and data speech library developed by the DSP group of The Chinese University. We use a modular design approach, the basic speech recognition engine can operate in parallel to increase the recognition power. This basic core speech recognition engine will not only be able to recognize one hundred isolated Chinese words in real time (less than 1 sec), but that they will also be able to distinguish connected words as a phrase. As far as we know, this will be the most powerful speech recognition IC on the market. The test chip was fabricated with a 0.35 micron triple metal CMOS technology.


  • Home appliances
  • Smart home
  • Elevator control
  • Human to machine interface


  • Single chip solution
  • Advanced HMM statistical speech model
  • Large speech library
  • Fast recognition time
  • High recognition accuracy
  • Can recognize both isolated words and connected words as a phrase

Principal Investigator
Prof. C. F. Chan
Department of Electronic Engineering