Technologies on Display

B5 - Web Caching and Internet Content Adaptation Protocol

ICAP enables communication between edge content devices (Web caches and Internet content delivery servers) and application servers that modify or process web contents before delivering them to the Internet access devices. ICAP offers a common communication infrastructure that streamlines services development, and empowers edge devices like a cache to offer application services without overloading the cache or slowing the response. We implemented an ICAP-based Content Repurposing System, which can reformat the hypermedia Internet content to fit different pervasive computing devices.


  • Markup Language Translation (PDAs/Cell Phones)
  • Data Compression
  • Advertising Insertion
  • Virus Scanning
  • Human Language Translation
  • Content Filtering, etc


  • An open and simple protocol allows any server or application provider to implement it
  • Simplify the implementation, reliability, and scalability of value-added services
  • Off-load value-added services to ICAP servers

Principal Investigator
Prof. Peter Yum
Department of Information Engineering