Technologies on Display

A1 - Cuffless Blood Pressure Devices for Home Care and Telemedicine

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a common health problem worldwide. Conventional cuff-based blood pressure (BP) meters are typically bulky and often cause discomfort in the measurement. To provide a more convenient means for BP measurement, a cuffless BP device has been developed in this project, which comprises of sensors for the acquisition of bio-signals from the human body, including the photo-plethysmograph (PPG) and the bioelectric signal generated from the cardiac activity.

The technology can be used for frequent time-to-time BP monitoring for:

  • Hypertensive individuals
  • Elderly
  • Chronic disease patients
  • Athletes

The device consists of a microprocessor for the computation of systolic and diastolic BP based on the acquired signals. The device can be miniaturized and embedded in a wide range of personal belongings, e.g. watch, electronic pet, PDA, etc. Furthermore, the device can be integrated with a wireless module to facilitate remote health monitoring via the Internet in a telemedicine application.


  • Wearable / portable
  • Comfortable, quick and easy measurement
  • Miniature and light weight

Principal Investigator
Prof. Y. T. Zhang
Department of Electronic Engineering