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A5 - Virtual Anatomy

Virtual reality based learning of human anatomy is feasible when a database of 3D organ models is available for the learner to interactively explore, visualize and dissect in virtual space. The main objective of this project is to develop state-of-the-art visualization techniques that facilitate interactive photo-realistic visualization of virtual anatomy constructed from ultra-high resolution digital human datasets. We are the first research group in the world to achieve the complete 3D reconstruction and PC-based interactive visualization of the multi-gigabyte Chinese Visible Human datasets. The latest Chinese Visible Male dataset is about 1143 GB in size, extremely fine anatomical features can be observed interactively in our PC-based visualization system.


  • Virtual anatomy for medical education and training
  • Surgical simulation and planning
  • Digital human simulation and research


  • Real-time photo-realistic visualization of multi-gigabyte digital human volume data
  • High-quality rendering performed on low-end and low-cost ordinary PC
  • Rendering-friendly compression method for massive volume data


Principal Investigator
Prof. P. A. Heng
Department of Computer Science and Engineering