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Research Papers

Paper ID Paper Name and Authors
7 BMC: An Efficient Methodto Evaluate Probabilistic Reachability Queries
Ke Zhu, Wenjie Zhang, Gaoping Zhu, Ying Zhang, Xuemin Lin

15 Probabilistic Image Tagging with Tags Expanded from Text-based Search
Xiaoming Zhang, Zi Huang, Heng Tao Shen ,Zhoujun Li

24 Privacy Preserving Query Processing on Secret Share Based Data Storage
Xiuxia Tian, Chaofeng Sha ,Xiaoling Wang, , Aoying Zhou

25 Identifying Relevant Matches with NOT Semantics over XML Documents
Rung-Ren Lin, Ya-Hui Chang, Kun-Mao Chao

28 Discovering Implicit Categorical Semantics For Schema Matching
Guohui Ding, Guoren Wang

30 A Unified Algorithm for Continuous Monitoring of Spatial Queries
Mahady Hasan, Muhammad Cheema, Xuemin Lin, Wenjie Zhang

34 Querying Business Process Models Based on Semantics
Tao Jin, Jianmin Wang, Lijie Wen

39 wNeighbors: A Method for Finding k Nearest Neighbors in Weighted Regions
Chuanwen Li, Yu Gu, Ge Yu, Fangfang Li

46 Handling ER-topk Query on Uncertain Streams
Cheqing Jin, Ming Gao, Aoying Zhou

47 A Relational View of Pattern Discovery
Arnaud Giacometti, Patrick Marcel, Arnaud Soulet

48 Expressive Power of Query Languages for Constraint Complex ValueDatabases
Hong-Cheu Liu

53 Genetic Algorithm Based QoS-Aware Service Compositions in Cloud Computing
Zhen Ye, Xiaofang Zhou, Athman Bouguettaya

67 Robust Ranking of Uncertain Data
Da Yan, Wilfred Ng

68 XStreamCluster: an Efficient Algorithm for Streaming XML data Clustering
Odysseas Papapetrou, Ling Chen

69 Energy-Efficient Tree-Based Indexing Schemes for Information Retrieval in Wireless Data Broadcast
Jiaofei Zhong, Weili Wu, Yan Shi, Xiaofeng Gao

78 Improving XML Data Quality with Functional Dependencies
Zijing Tan, Liyong Zhang

93 Efficient Histogram-based Similarity Search in Ultra-high Dimensional Space
Jiajun Liu, Zi Huang, Heng Tao Shen, Xiaofang Zhou

98 Optimizing Incremental Maintenance of Minimal Bisimulation of Cyclic Graphs
Jintian Deng, Byron Choi, Jianliang Xu, Sourav S Bhowmick

100 Dynamic Skylines Considering Range Queries
Wen-Chi Wang, En Tzu Wang, Arbee L.P. Chen

103 PG-Skip: Proximity Graph Based Clustering of Long Strings
Michail Kazimianec, Nikolaus Augsten

104 Removing Uncertainties from Overlay Network
Ye Yuan,Deke Guo, Guoren Wang, Lei Chen

111 Efficient Evaluation of NOT-Twig Queries in Tree-Unaware Relational Databases
Kheng Hong Soh, Sourav S Bhowmick

119 EcoTop: An Economic Model for dynamic processing of top-k Queries in Mobile-P2P Networks
Nilesh Padhariya, Anirban Mondal, Vikram Goyal, Roshan Shankar, Sanjay Kumar Madria

131 Utility-Oriented K-Anonymization on Social Networks
Yazhe WANG, Long XIE, Baihua Zheng, Ken C. K. LEE

133 Reasoning about Dynamic Delegation in Role Based Access Control Systems
Chun Ruan, Vijay Varadharajan

141 An edge-based framework for fast subgraph matching in a large graph
Sangjae Kim, Inchul Song, Yoon Joon Lee

142 LinearDB: A Relational Approach to Make Data Warehouse Scale like MapReduce
Huiju Wang, Xiongpai Qin, Yansong Zhang, Shan Wang, Zhanwei Wang

145 Querying Moving Objects with Uncertainty in Spatio-temporal Databases
Hechen Liu, Markus Schneider

147 Real-time Monitoring of Moving Objects Using Frequently Used Routes
Yutaka Ohsawa, Kazuhisa Fujino, Htoo Htoo, Aye Thida Hlaing, Noboru Sonehara

150 Buffer Cache De-duplication for Query Dispatch in Replicated Databases
Takeshi Yamamuro, Yoshiharu SUGA, Naoya KOTANI, Toshio HITAKA, Masashi YAMAMURO

176 Real-Time Diameter Monitoring for Time-evolving Graphs
Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Makoto Onizuka, Masaru Kitsuregawa

178 STS: Complex Spatio-Temporal Sequence Mining in Flickr
Chunjie Zhou, Xiaofeng Meng

180 Evaluating Contained Rewritings for XPath Queries on Materialized Views
Rui Zhou, Chengfei Liu, Jianxin Li, Junju Wang, Jixue Liu

182 A Hybrid Algorithm for Finding Top-k Twig Answers in Probabilistic XML
Bo Ning, Chengfei Liu

183 Finding the Sites with Best Accessibilities to Amenities
Qianlu Lin, Chuan Xiao, Muhammad Aamir Cheema, Wei Wang

195 Efficient Distributed Top-k Query Processing with Caching
Norvald H. Ryeng, Akrivi Vlachou, Christos Doulkeridis, Kjetil Nørvåg

201 Distributed Privacy Preserving Data Collection
Mingqiang Xue, Papadimitriou Panagiotis, Chedy Raissi, Panos Kalnis, Hungkeng Pung

206 Efficient Incremental Mining of Frequent Sequence Generators
Yukai He, Jianyong Wang, Lizhu Zhou

217 An Unbiased Distance-based Outlier Detection Approach for High-dimensional Data
Hoang Vu Nguyen, Vivek Gopalkrishnan, Ira Assent

226 REQUEST: Region-based Query Processing in Sensor Networks
Dong-wan Choi, Chin-Wan Chung

229 A Novel Hash-Based Streaming Scheme for Energy Efficient Full-Text Search in Wireless Data Broadcast
Kai Yang, Yan Shi, Weili Wu, Xiaofeng Gao, Jiaofei Zhong

232 AUser similarity Calculation based on the Location for Social Network Services
Min-joong Lee, Chin-Wan Chung

238 Seamless Event and Data Stream Processing: Reconciling Windows and Consumption Modes
Raman Adaikkalavan, Sharma Chakravarthy

263 ECODE: Event-Based Community Detection from Social Networks
Xiao-li Li, Aloysius Tan, Philip S Yu, See-Kiong Ng

265 A Framework of Mining Semantic Regions from Trajectories
Chung-Ta Lu, Po-Ruey Lei, Wen-Chih Peng, Ing-Jiunn Su

268 Node Protection in Weighted Social Networks
Mingxuan Yuan, Lei Chen

309 Mining High Utility Mobile Sequential Patterns in Mobile Commerce Environments
Bai-En Shie, Hui-Fang Hsiao, Vincent S.Tseng, Philip S.Yu

312 Aggregate Farthest-Neighbor Queries Over Spatial Data
Yuan Gao, Lidan Shou, Ke Chen, Gang Chen

317 Modeling User Expertise in Folksonomies by Fusing Multi-type Features
Junjie Yao, Bin Cui, Qiaosha Han, Ce Zhang, Yanhong Zhou

322 Efficient Topological OLAP on Information Networks
Qiang Qu, Feida Zhu, Xifeng Yan, Jiawei Han, Philip S. Yu, Hongyan Li

323 Context-sensitive Query Expansion over the Bipartite Graph Model for Web Service Search
Rong Zhang, Koji Zettsu, Yutaka Kidawara, and Yasushi Kiyoki

324 A Retrieval Strategy using the Integrated Knowledge of Similarity and Associations
Yong-Bin Kang, Shonali Krishnaswany, Arkady Zaslavsky

328 Scaling Up Query Allocation in the Presence of Autonomous Participants
Jorge-Arnulfo Quiane-Ruiz, Philippe Lamarre, Sylvie Cazalens, Patrick Valduriew

*36 The DISTARNET Approach to Reliable Autonomic Long-Term Digital Preservation
Ivan Subotic, Heiko Schuldt, Lukas Rosenthaler

*50 Social Based Layouts for the Increase of Locality in Graph Operations
Arnau Prat-P´erez, David Dominguez-Sal, Josep L. Larriba-Pey

*54 An Alternative Interestingness Measure for Mining Periodic-Frequent Patterns
R. Uday Kiran, P. Krishna Reddy

*81 Indexing for Vector Projections
Sean Chester, Alex Thomo, S. Venkatesh, Sue Whitesides

*88 Generating Random Graphic Sequences
Xuesong Lu, Stephane Bressan

*177 Audio lifelog search system using a topic model for reducing recognition errors
Taro Tezuka, Akira Maeda

*187 Towards Web Search by Sentence Queries: Asking the Web for Query Substitutions
Yusuke Yamamoto, Katsumi Tanaka

*276 Generating preview instances for the Face Validation of Entity-Relationship schemata: the acyclic case
M. Amalfi, A. Artale, A. Cali, A. Provetti

*279 Identifying Topic Experts and Topic Communities in the Blogspace
Xiaoling Liu, Yitong Wang, Yujia Li, Baile Shi

*287 An Effective Approach for Searching Closest Sentence Translations from The Web
Ju Fan, Guoliang Li, Lizhu Zhou

*306 Exploiting Correlation to Rank Database Query Results
Jaehui Park, Sang-goo Lee

*307 Probabilistic & Interactive Retrieval of Chinese Calligraphic Character Images Based On Multiple Features
Yi Zhuang, Nan Jiang, Hua Hu, Haiyang Hu, Guochang Jiang, Chengxiang Yuan

* denotes short papers.


Industrial Papers

Paper ID Paper Name and Authors
160 Visual Analysis of Implicit Social Networks for Suspicious Behavior Detection
Amyn Bennamane, Hakim Hacid, Arnaud Ansiaux, Alain Cagnati

167 Assessment of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Prediction Models: Evaluation Methods
Richi Nayak, Ellen Pitt

184 A Framework for Semantic Recommendations in Situational Applications
Raphael Thollot, Marie-Aude Aufaure

282 Compositional Information Extraction Methodology from Medical Reports
Pratibha Rani, Raghunath Reddy, Devika Mathur, Subhadip Bandyopadhyay, Arijit Laha



Paper ID Paper Name and Authors
203 Store and Use of Provenance Information For Relational Database Queries
Zhifeng Bao, Henning Koehler, Xiaofang Zhou, Tok Wang Ling

301 MRQSim: A Moving Range Query Simulation Platform in Spatial Networks
Yu Gu, Na Guo, Chuanwen Li, Ge Yu

320 DWOBS: Data Warehouse Design from Ontology-based Sources
Selma Khouri, Ladjel Bellatreche

329 AUCWEB: A Prototype for Analyzing User-Created Web Data
Weining Qian, Feng Chen, Juan Du, Weiming Zhang, Can Zhang, Haixin Ma, Peng Cai, Minqi Zhou, Aoying Zhou

342 Blending OLAP processing with real-time data streams
João Costa, José Cecilio, Pedro Martins, Pedro Furtado

343 AutoBayesian: Developing Bayesian Networks Based on Text Mining
Sandeep Raghuram, Yuni Xia, Jiaqi Ge, Mathew Palakal, Josette Jones, Dave Pecenka , Eric Tinsley , Jean Bandos , and Jerry Geesaman

344 Classify Uncertain Data with Decision Tree
Biao Qin, Yuni Xia , Rakesh Sathyesh , Jiaqi Ge, Sunil Probhakar

345 StreamFitter: A Real Time Linear Regression Analysis System for Continuous Data Streams
Chandima Hewa Nadungodage , Yuni Xia , Fang Li , Jaehwan John Lee , Jiaqi Ge