CINTEC Corner (Oct-Nov 2014)

PIP: 21 Recruitment Talks

EXHIBITION: Electronics Fair & InnoCarnival

INDUSTRIAL VISIT: Hitachi Robotic Technologies R&D Team


OUTREACH ACTIVITY: Korea Visit, ISACA (HK) CPD Seminar, APAC Innovation Summit

ITSC: InnoCarnival

ARTICLE: 防雲端儲存入侵  服務商責無旁貸

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CINTEC Corner (Aug-Sep 2014)

PIP: Promotion Booth, Recruitment Talks & Disneyland Summer Intern Celebration

INDUSTRIAL VISIT: Delegations from Busan, Korea & HKEIC, FHKI

CUHK ACTIVITY: Pi Centre Opening Ceremony

OUTREACH ACTIVITY: ISACA Seminar, ASTRI Forum, LSCM Summit, Beijing Visits

ITSC: Technology Visits, Social Gathering

ARTICLE: 資訊保安不善 大數據難起飛

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CINTEC Corner (Jun-Jul 2014)

CONFERENCE: East Asian School of Information Theory (EASIT) 2014

CUHK ACTIVITY: ERGAA Annual General Meeting and Career Sharing Seminar

OUTREACH ACTIVITY: HKIE, Taiwan Field Studies, and some events in Guangzhou

ITSC: Eco Tour for Bui O Public School, Summer activities and camp

ARTICLE: 冰島科技策略進取  港可借鏡

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PIP: Company Visits for Student Internships


CONFERENCE: Big Data Workshop

INDUSTRIAL VISIT: Asian Robotics League

CUHK ACTIVITY: Plaque Presentation Ceremony of ‘Intel Embedded Systems Research Center’

OUTREACH ACTIVITY: APCA Forum, HKTDC Entrepreneur Day, Legislative Council

ITSC: Social Gathering

ARTICLE: 大學世界排名、創科局、香港競爭力

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PIP: Promotion of Work Study & Visit to SIAT, HIT

INDUSTRIAL VISIT: Swire Properties & Zhongshan City Delegation

CUHK ACTIVITY: Seminar for Shenzhen University

OUTREACH ACTIVITY: CHKCI Inauguration Ceremony

ITSC: Year-end Ceremony

ARTICLE: 創科局、預算案、發展創業

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PIP: Promotion of Work Study

EXHIBITION: Student Achievements in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition 2014

CONFERENCE: Croucher Advanced Study Institute on Printed Electronics

INDUSTRIAL VISIT: Shunde Enterprises, China Fiber Optic Network System, SmarTone

CUHK ACTIVITY: Inauguration Ceremony of 20th Information Engineering Society

OUTREACH ACTIVITY: InnoAsia – Tech Forum 6 & Activities for Secondary Students

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CINTEC Corner (Oct-Nov 2013)

PIP: CINTEC held 23 recruitment talks in 2 months

EXHIBITION: Electronics Fair, Eco Expo Asia, InnoCarnival

CONFERENCE: ACM (RECSYS) 2013 in October, ER Conference 2013 in November

INDUSTRIAL VISIT: IoT workshop for FHKI members

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PIP: Full house at Microsoft recruitment Talk

EXHIBITION: Coming exhibitions

CONFERENCE: IE hosted ACM SIGCOMM 2013 with 770 participants

CUHK ACTIVITY: Inauguration of CUHK Engineering Faculty Alumni Association (ERGAA)

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