About Us

Centre for Innovation and Technology (CINTEC) is the technology transfer arm in the Faculty of Engineering, CUHK. Serving as a bridge between the Faculty and the industry, CINTEC promotes communications, facilitates collaboration and fosters technology transfer to the society.


Innovation is applying novel knowledge to generate value. Research activities conducted at universities create new knowledge. Teaching and publishing are the primary channels for university to disseminate knowledge so that the recipients may acquire the knowledge for future applications. Technology transfer is a process that new knowledge is directly channeled to and applied immediately in the industry. The mission of CINTEC is to facilitate innovation through technology transfer.

Before knowledge or technology transfer happens, there must be communications between the knowledge supplier and the corresponding recipient. To facilitate communications, CINTEC regularly coordinates university participation in local and regional trade fairs, which serve as direct communication platforms between the society and our research teams. We compile annual directories of applied R&D results for distribution to the industry. CINTEC also serves as a focal point for receiving industrial inquiries and visits.

Effective innovation and knowledge transfer builds upon an innovation network with close and direct interaction amongst its members. This has been proven in many cases like that in the Taiwan computer industry, in the Japanese automobile industry, and most notably in the Silicon Valley. In order for CUHK continuously to expand and enhance knowledge transfer to the society, we position ourselves into the core of active innovation networks of the region. We maintain close connection with innovative and fast-growing companies and organizations, such as the dynamic technology cluster in Science Park and active members of the technology community.

Entrepreneurs are effective catalyst for knowledge transfer. They apply the knowledge to create economic and social impact to the society. CINTEC provides incubation support (coaching, office space and business network) to student entrepreneurs so that they can turn their innovation into viable business.

In summary, CINTEC strives to explore and maintain effective channels to support university technology transfer to the industry. Direct commercialization of university research results is an effective way to facilitate industrial innovation, thereby contributing to Hong Kong’s migration towards a knowledge-based economy.