Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit 2017

CINTEC coordinated CUHK’s participation in Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit 2017 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 16-18 June 2017. 4 research projects introducing latest R&D results in technological intervention related to the elderly were showcased in a 36 square meters booth.



Delegation Visit from Hong Kong Jiangsu Exchange Promotion Association

35 delegates of Hong Kong Jiangsu Exchange Promotion Association visited CUHK on 6 July 2017. Mr. K.Y. Leung, Associate Director of CINTEC, met with the delegates and introduced Faculty of Engineering in the meeting. Laboratory tours and project demonstrations were arranged.



CUSCS Seminar

Prof. K.F. Wong gave a talk, titled ‘科技的創新思維與創新管理’  to Guangdong Enterprises and Science & Technology Associations on 30 June 2017.



Digital Health International Exhibition in Taiwan

Prof. K.F. Wong represented Faculty of Engineering to attend Digital Health International Exhibition on 2 June 2017 in Taiwan. 21 startups were selected among 135 applications to participate in the exhibition. Prof. Wong explored possible collaboration opportunities with the organizer, Garage+.

Visit to Shenzhen Valley Ventures

Mr. K.Y. Leung, Associate Director of CINTEC, visited Shenzhen Valley Ventures on 2 June 2017 to learn more about manufacturing capability in Shenzhen.

Opening Ceremony of Heung To Middle School (Tin Shui Wai) STEM Maker Space

CINTEC has been organizing STEM related activities for over 10 years to arouse students’ interest in Engineering, Science, IT and Mathematics. Prof. K.F. Wong was invited to attend the subject opening ceremony on 24 June 2017 and visit students’ STEM projects.

Chinese Congress on Artificial Intelligence 2017

Prof. K.F. Wong attended the Chinese Congress on Artificial Intelligence (CCAI), initiated by the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence, on 21-23 July 2017 in Hangzhou. Prof. Wong was invited to be the panelist of discussions on artificial intelligence related technologies, researches and innovation products.



Summer Camp

This year, with support from Mitsubishi Electric (HK) Ltd., ITSC organized a 3-day summer camp themed “GREEN x ENGINEERING x ENERGY’ on 19 to 21 July 2017. 32 secondary school students joined the event and stayed in New Asia College student hostel. With 7 CUHK mentors and 3 ITSC alumni, participants enjoyed the camp and learned about green building and transportation technologies, and renewable energies through workshops and talks.

Summer Technology Visits

In July, ITSC has arranged 3 technology visits for members, including Visit to Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Ltd., Visit to Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Visit to Zero Carbon Building.

Queen Elizabeth School Old Students’ Association Secondary School Visit to CUHK

ITSC organized a half day on campus programme for Queen Elizabeth School Old Students’ Association Secondary School ICT students on 7 July 2017. The programme, included a workshop on writing mobile app to control a robot car through Bluetooth and laboratory visits, was organized to stimulate students’ interest in IT.



6-Art Robotic Competition 2017

6-Art Robotic Competition 2017 was held on July 5, 2017 in Hong Kong Science Park. There were nearly 350 people who came from 64 local primary and secondary schools participated in the event. Students had to construct robots in demonstrating theme of traditional Chinese cultural arts. Eventually, King’s College Old Boys’ Association Primary School and Ling Liang Church M H Lau Secondary School were the champions of primary and secondary categories respectively.



Prof. K.F. Wong, Director of CINTEC wrote review or commentary articles for different newspaper:

2017-06-01: “一帶一路欠互信 跨境網購爭拗多” ,信報 B5 《投資分析》

2017-06-08: “香港數碼發展弱 競爭力難持續” ,信報 B7 《投資評析》

2017-06-11: “「阿爾法狗」封棋王 造王者才是勝方” ,星島日報 A12 《來論》

2017-06-23: “港法例未配合數碼商務 恐錯失商機” ,經濟日報 《國是港事》

2017-06-29: “AI機器代人 功能及道德兼重” ,信報 B11 《投資評析》

2017-07-10: “新政府多用創科 排難之餘促經濟” ,信報 B11 《經營智慧》

2017-07-14: “智慧城市計劃 須訂成效指標” ,明報 A35 《觀點》

2017-07-23: “抗拒改變文化 窒礙移動支付發展” ,星島日報 A8 《來論》

2017-07-24: “優化開放數據 促智慧城市發展” ,信報 B12 《專家之言》

2017-05月至06月: “認清自身優勢劣勢 全力打造「區域創科樞紐」” ,紫荊論壇第33期 (p.88-93)