Date: 21 Mar., 2012 (Wed)
Time: 10:30 – 11:30 am
Venue: Rm513, William Mong Man Wai Engineering Building (ERB, 513)
Speaker: Prof. Willie W. LU, Principal Partner, Delson IPR Group and Chairman of Technaut Intellectual Venture, USA.

Patent itself is useless, and is only useful in a powerful vehicle wherein said patent can help drive the movement.

University generates thousands of inventions and files hundreds of patents each year to protect its technical leadership and claim its exclusive rights in the field. These patents are important intellectual property assets of the university which may generate tremendous revenues by licensing to specific industry or boosting new startups in creating jobs and improving the economy.

Industries work with leading universities to initiate new research, define new technology and bring concepts into products, and so leading industries spend billions of dollars each year to fund critical researches and emerging discoveries in their specialized fields.

However, over sixty percent (60%) of issued patents do not generate any revenue for the inventors because it lacks a powerful vehicle to capitalize the invention and the discovery. Many valuable patents become abandoned due to being unable to maintain the patent costs.

To generate proper revenue out of the inventions, patents can be sold to the interested industries, licensed to the interested parties or leased to plaintiffs or defendants in specific lawsuits of patent infringement cases. In any way, patents must be in a powerful vehicle wherein said patents can help drive the movement.

Such powerful patent vehicle can be implemented in different strategies which require in-depth expertise in both patent laws and technology fields. Intellectual TREEs (iTREE®) has been developed by Prof. Willie W. Lu to consolidate the patents and plant the inventions into the iTREE®  security foundations.

iTREE® is an intellectual property security platform to empower your inventions (both pre-applications and post-issuance) into a very strong force to protect your intellectual properties. iTREE® platform is optimized for preventing patent invalidation, litigation and injunction from competitors.

By utilizing iTREE® platform, Prof. Lu will analyze some court cases which both parties are willing to lease the iTREE® property in both federal courts and district courts.


Dr. Willie Lu was former consulting professor of Stanford University, member of U.S. FCC Technological Advisory Council, chief architect of Infineon Technologies and is now adjunct professor of Zhejiang University of China, etc with expertise in advanced wireless and mobile communications. He is worldwide well-known for his invented Open Wireless Architecture (OWA) ® core technology which is being widely used in mobile handheld devices and portable devices by many Fortune 500 companies both in the Silicon Valley and global. He founded many world-class technology events including World Wireless Congress, Mobile World Congress and Global Mobile Congress with over 100,000 global wireless professionals involved in his events. Dr. Lu started Intellectual Property Law in 2004 and has been practicing actively in US Patent Laws and Trademark Laws, and specialized in reviving the finally-rejected cases and evaluating patents for both leading industries and start-ups. Prof. Lu is also providing independent patent consolidation and invention security solutions for the clients in U.S. and Europe.

Prof. Lu has near 20 years’ experiences in mobile wireless technology, about 8 year’s in IPR laws and 15 years in international policies, government relations and regulatory affairs. He is senior advisor for many government authorities across the global as well as technical advisor for federal agencies and federal courts in the United States.

Prof. Lu is now principal partner of Delson IPR Group, and Chairman of Technaut Intellectual Venture, USA.

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