Professor Charles K. Kao Student Creativity Awards

Q: If my project is unrelated to the theme of 'Smart living', am I eligible to apply?

A: Yes, you are eligible to apply. 'Smart living' covers and relates to almost all streams of modern technologies, such as biomedical or healthcare solutions, sustainable energy, green solutions, ICT technologies, robotics, artifical intelligence, as well as any novel technologies, products and services.

Q: I will graduate in the first term, am I eligible to apply?

A: PCKKSCA is for current full-time CUHK students only. Any student who graduates before the submission deadline (23rd February, 2017) will not be qualified.

Q: I am an international student, am I eligible to apply?

A: PCKKSCA is for current full-time CUHK students, no matter you are local or non-local student. However, an exchange student for just one term or one year is ineligible.

Q: Can I submit an application if I do not have a Faculty member as supervisor?

A: We encourage you to invite a Faculty member (teaching staff, not research staff) whose research interests are related to your project in order to endorse your application. You may seek assistance from the organizer, Centre for Innovation and Technology, if you have problem in finding a supervisor or endorser.

Q: The Applicant and the Faculty member should sign on the application form, then how do I submit it?

A: Please scan the page with signatures in PDF file, and email with the filled application form in MS Word Doc file or a converted PDF file.

Q: Can I submit my Final-year-project or course assignment for this competition?

A: Yes, please be reminded that the project should not be awarded with prizes in any international or national competitions. Moreover, it should not be published in full in a journal. However, this limitation does not apply to conference abstracts.

Q: If I am shortlisted to present to the judging panel, which language is preferable?

A: As the winners would be nominated to compete for the National Challenge Cup in Mainland China, Putonghua will be recommended as the language for presentation.

Q: What kind of presentation material will be recommended?

A: Live demo, prototype, video, and powerpoint presentation are recommended. The whole presentation, including set up, should be limited to 8-10 minutes maximum.

Q: Will any rehearsal be arranged before the presentation to the judging panel?

A: Yes, we strongly recommend you having a trial-run as rehearsal, to test the equipment, and count the time. Shortlisted candidates will be informed the detailed arrangements in due course.